2018 Croissant Watts Kit

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At Fatcake Club, we believe in giving a gift to the rider trying to follow your wheel: a nice view. That’s why our newest kit highlights your better, lower half. With the help of Eliel Cycling’s made-in-Cali crafting, we’ve infused our bibs with the spirit of the Croissant-Watt. Nothing could give more power to your legs.

It’s no secret that Fatcakers love croissants. Some cyclists show slavish devotion to their power meters, but Cake riders give that same loyalty to the pastries that fuel them. The Croissant-Watt logo points out the mystical relationship between pastry and power, croissant and cadence, bakery and badassery. Just look at the folks who show up week after week to our Tuesday rides, feasting on croissants from Arsicault Bakery. Those riders are flying.

Of course, a cyclist does not live on bibs alone. Our chamois are complemented by hot, clean jerseys (no, really, that shade of pink is actually called “hottie.” We checked.) And for those whose love of butter is too much to contain, our Butter Me Up jersey can envelop you in the yellow of your favorite cake ingredient.

True to its Cake namesake, our kit also offers sweet layers. And, like frosting, our vests are the crème de la crème. Smooth complementary colors keep your all-important core taken care of. With a Fatcake vest, you don’t have to worry about ending up as ice cream on a frigid morning. Not that there’s something wrong with ice cream. It’s just not Cake.

Finally, what good is a perfectly framed Cake-butt if it’s not supported by Croissant-Watt calves? The MVP of this kit may well be our socks: two-toned pastels that effortlessly hint at the wild pastry’s power coursing underneath.

The more Croissant-Watts one wears, the faster one rides, the more croissants one deserves. It’s that simple. Come get some for yourself.


Matt KraneComment