Tuesdays: Headlands + Arsicault Bakery

615a at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon> 25miles

Please help us keep unfettered Marin wildlife in check and save us from this Giant baker with the condescending disposition, unable to cry human tears, by joining us each Tuesday morning at the Golden Gate Bridge at 6:15.   Together, we will transmute this mountain into a troll hill, climbing a few pitches to the top as easily as Jack might navigate a beanstalk before drifting gracefully back down through the clouds to the gooey, open arms that is Arsicault Bakery.  p.s. Giants hate kouign-amman!

Arsicault Bakery


Thursdays: Wildcard 

615a at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park or at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon> Follow us on Instagram or Strava for ride calls. 15-30miles 

If we suddenly find ourselves riding two abreast, I don't see why we have to let being strangers keeps us from holding hands.   Vonnegut once explained to us that "invitations from strangers are dancing lessons from God."  In that case, get your Giro tap shoes ready for aspirited but also spiritual jaunt around the West Bay with your most charming and disarming, cakiest friends.  

If you follow us to the end of this dare, we'll sport donuts on our sleeves as a sign of solidarity both with you and with the Pastry Gods.  In return, these gods will offer us safe passage across the tarmac, rubber side down.  Check your Instagram for ride updates!


Coffee & Pastries

Andytown Coffee Roasters

Butter Love Bakeshop

Cibo of Sausalito

Cinderella Bakery

Devils Teeth Baking Company

Equator Coffees & Teas

Fifty/Fifty Coffee & Tea

Flywheel Coffee

Snowbird Coffee


First Thursday's Donut Alley

615a at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon> Wander across the bay where men with flour in their hands hand you golden rings topped with warm sugary magic.

Donut Alley





EQuator Coffee & Teas Rides 

2nd Thursday 615a at the Conservatory of Flowers > City Loop > Equator Coffees @ Fort Mason 

4th Thursday 615a at the Golden Gate Bridge > 4 Corners > Equator Coffees @ Proof Lab Mill Valley

Equator Coffees