Mondays: Womens Ride

615a at the Conservatory of Flowers> 17miles

Join us every Monday for our Women’s ride! At a relaxed pace we’ll head down to Ocean Beach, pedal along the sandy shores and make a left past the SF Zoo. Next we’ll head up into St Francis Woods before finishing up at the top of Twin Peaks! Afterwards breakfast and coffee will be had at Flywheel Coffee.

Flywheel Coffee

Tuesdays: Headlands + Arsicault Bakery

615a at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon> 25miles

Join us every Tuesday for a heady trip through the Headlands. Fly up Hawk Hill. Ride your steed around Rodeo Beach. Deplete your phone’s battery while snapping photos at the Battery Townsley lookout. Bunker down against the wind on winding Bunker Road. Return to that Hawk Hill summit like a bird to its nest, then make a quick descent back to the city. Arsicault Bakery awaits, and although some will tell you that croissants only go straight to your ‘arse,’ we say the more arse the better. The queens of kouign-amann never turn down a pastry. Croissants are made of watts, anyway.

Arsicault Bakery

Read one Fatcaker’s description of the Tuesday ride here

Thursdays: Wildcard 

615a at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park or at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon> Follow us on Instagram or Strava for ride calls > 15-30miles 

The devil you know beats the devil you don’t. One exception: if you’ve never had a stacked bite of Devil’s Teeth Baking’s breakfast sammies before. In that case, the devil you don’t know is going to be your new best friend.

Thursday’s ride calls for a wildcard, but don’t worry—no matter what, we promise enough spirited sprints to whet your appetite.

If it’s not Devilishly good breakfast sandos on the menu, it might be Butter Love Bakeshop (where better to show off your new Butter Me Up jersey?). Or we might freewheel into Flywheel Coffee’s open tables after a spin through Golden Gate Park. Maybe we’ll complete our own Cinderella story (perfect-sized piroshki are the new perfect-sized shoes) at Cinderella Bakery. There’s also a fifty-fifty chance we’ll end up crushing a croissant at Fifty/Fifty Coffee & Tea.

If the uncertain path of Thursday’s ride stresses you out, don’t worry. We sport donuts on our sleeves as a sign of devotion to the Pastry Gods.  In return, these gods offer us passage across the city tarmac. 


Coffee & Pastries

Andytown Coffee Roasters


Butter Love Bakeshop

Cibo of Sausalito

Cinderella Bakery

Devils Teeth Baking Company

Equator Coffees & Teas

Fifty/Fifty Coffee & Tea

Flywheel Coffee

Jane The Bakery

Kantine SF

Thorough Bread & Pastry

Wholesome Bakery


First Thursday's Donut Alley

615a at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon > 30 miles

On the first Thursday of each month, FCC travels to a different land. In mystical (and mist-ical) Marin, riders float by on the seaside MV-Sausalito bike path before taking a stroll up Camino Alto. Then we drop down into our favorite hole-in-the-wall shop (it’s not called Donut Alley for nothing). A modest exterior disguises the truth: the inside of this boutique is pure fairytale. Folks with flour on their hands will hand you golden rings topped with warm sugary magic. And, unlike in the story of Hansel and Gretel, they won’t even try to eat you afterwards.

With bellies warmed by fried dough and coffee, riders gently exit this fairytale and return to real life across the bridge. But photos of the warm treats and warmer company prove the magic happened.

Donut Alley





EQuator Coffee & Teas Rides 

2nd Thursday 615a at the Conservatory of Flowers > City Loop > 20miles

Ride to the Equator. Wait, that can’t be right—there’s no such thing as consistent warmth in San Francisco. But once your tummy is toasty with a smooth Equator Coffees espresso in it, not to mention a breakfast taco or two for extra fuel, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to warmer latitudes.

Equator Coffees


WHOLESOME BAKERY logo Nov 2017.png


Monthly Thursday Ride 615 at the Conservatory of Flowers > City Loop > 20miles 

Monthly Sunday Brunch ride (casual pace) TBA

Lets spread the word of some guilt free goodies!!! Wholesome Bakery was founded by Mandy Harper in 2009 with the belief that you should be able to eat great tasting goodies without it weighing on your conscience. Items are 100% gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, trans fat free & low glycemic but you wouldn't know it if we didn't tell ya. 

Wholesome Bakery